Protein Scoop 100% Whey, 2.2 lb Chocolate


  • Aids in the fast absorption of nutrients
  • Supports lean muscle gain
  • Provides necessary macro-nutrients
  • Enhances the strength of your body

Product Description

Protein Scoop 100% Whey features the best amino acid profile that helps in the rapid absorption of nutrients. This leads to a powerful and highly effective gain in the lean muscles. The supplement contains undenatured protein concentrate that are produced using ultra-filtration process. It is gentle on stomach and provides optimum nutrient utilization. The inclusion of BCAAs or branched chain amino acids help in the growth and maintenance of the muscles that you have developed through long hours of workouts. It also helps in improving immune function to keep you protected against various infections. Protein Scoop 100% Whey has a combination of fast digesting proteins that are much needed post workout. So, grab a pack of Protein Scoop 100% Whey to experience a change.